I’m baaaaack…

November 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

…..In a manner of speaking, that is. As most are aware, I’ve been away for quite a while managing civilian life, relocating, making a new family…blah blah. All sorts of things are different, but not much has changed. Regardless, I’m glad to come back to having an outlet for all the chatter that goes on in my head.

I’ll be around working in the back ground here and there, so feel free to stop by with your two cents, yeah? As things start to pick up, I’m sure I’ll have more to share. Drop by any time!


Putting OUT vs. Putting It DOWN

May 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ever heard that expression “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”? No? Well allow me to introduce you. Often times, thankfully so, I meet men who know exactly how to act like gentlemen. That’s not to say that they drink their tea with their pinkies sticking out, but they do understand that there is a certain way to handle oneself around a lady. Regardless of whether my company is a civilian or a client, I still look for and expect to be treated a certain way. The smart ones know without being told that you get what you pay for. When you treat a woman with sweet attentiveness, there is certainly a difference in your reception. Enthusiasm is always returned, and a situation always becomes the experience you make of it.

I recently semi-retired, choosing to see only clients that I’ve had an extended liaison with, rather than accepting new clients and all that comes with that. Before cutting things off completely, I decided to schedule some of the last few new friends I’d received requests from. One gentleman in particular (we’ll call him Ted) had made a request three different times, but our schedules just never seemed to jive. I alerted Ted that I would no longer accept invitations from new acquaintances after a certain date, and he immediately scheduled a meeting for the next evening. It was a weekday, meaning I’d have been slaving away at the RL office all day, but that had never stopped me from providing a most fulfilling experience before. I would have plenty of time for the rituals I enjoy so much after work (you know, the primping, the long bubble bath, the makeup, and of course….the discreet lingerie under my clothes).

The next day, I prepped myself for an evening of the intimate entertainment, and headed out full of my usual excitement. Ted was 20 minutes late and arrived with a half smile and a few sincere, though unenthused, compliments. I asked if everything was ok, and he replied that it was great, he was just distracted by a less than stellar day. Really dude? What ever happened to leaving your life at the door? Why would you bring that negativity in here and wreck the flow I worked so hard to provide for you?

I took his suit jacket, and offered him a drink. He took it, gulped it down, and sat on the edge of the bed. Reaching out for me, started stroking my inner thigh, and pulled me close. We kissed a bit and he immediately started in on removing my clothes. Now, those who’ve enjoyed time with me know well that I prefer to start every session with a sensual (and often times reciprocal) massage. I always bring along a kit filled with unscented oils and massage cremes, using them to familiarize myself with the body before me. I enjoy treating a man like he’s something to be savored, and a sensual, slow massage, peppered with a bit of “getting to know you convo” is a great way to get started. Ted, however, never gave me the chance to learn him.

Before long, he’d moved on to…doing the deed, as it were, without any of the usual ceremony. No chit chat. No appreciation of the surroundings (candles, wine, music… all that). And no gentle coaxing. Once he got himself going, I noticed he started to say something I couldn’t make out. As he began to…ahem…”work harder”…he started to repeat the same phrase: “Come on baby…give me something to work with. Show me you like it.” Um…say what? Show you that I like what, exactly? The impersonal way you got things started? Your lack of interest in me? The “wham-bam” way that you took what you wanted without engaging me at all? Ooooh yeah, I like it alright. I like it about as much as I like mopping my kitchen floor.

I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve ever had a session where I couldn’t get into anything that was going on. At all. Ever. I have never faked an orgasm, and I’m certainly not about to start that now. There’s just nothing more tacky. So what am I to do in a situation like this? I’ll tell you. I laid there, gazing up at Ted working himself into a lather, and simply let him. The less I said, the more he yelled. I listened to him rile himself up by telling me how he wanted me to like it, and wondered. What was it that he thought I might like? Was he serious? Did he really think that pounding out a few minutes of hanky panky with no warning or warm up was going to have me drooling over his prowess? Yes. That must have been exactly what he must have been thinking. I can’t really know for sure because I never took the time to ask him.

Once he…uh…finished, he stood up, got cleaned up, and then offered to pour me another drink. When I refused, he looked at me quizzically, but helped himself. As he finished his drink, he watched me lying in bed and looked proud. Satisfied. Satiated. It was amazing. And then, for the first time ever in my career, I got up and dressed before my client after an incall appointment. It was crazy. It was my suite…where did I have to go? I pulled my hair into a high ponytail, slid my skirt and blouse on in a couple of sleek movements, and stepped into my red stilettos. Ted took my cue and dressed himself while I brushed my teeth.

Once we were both ready to meet the world again, he asked which one of us should leave first. Ha! Really? We said our goodbyes and he thanked me for accommodating his last minute request. As Ted spoke, I could see that he had no idea that the reception he received was directly proportionate to the effort he put into our connection. Hell, he didn’t even realise that there was no connection! I’m told by other ladies that this happens regularly. Seriously? Well not with me. I’m not about just putting out and having someone get what they want and go. I’m about putting it down! I want to leave a session feeling like I’m bow legged! I should still feel him hours later…not sit there wondering whether it was worth the wax, ya know? This was a night a firsts, in that it was also the first time I’ve ever left a session feeling like I didn’t give it what I had. I’m sure his comments were indicative of that, but come on. You gotta give me something to work with buddy.

His review of our time was nice. He claimed to have really enjoyed our tryst. But for me, it definitely left something to be desired. Namely…the desire!

Cock Blocking Yourself…or…You Talked Me Right Out of It

April 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

Lately I’ve been experiencing..um… a little difficulty, and its quite out of character for me. The last few times I’ve met with clients, I’ve been unable to…well…“cross the goal line”. It doesn’t always happen, but for the most part, when I see a client, he’s not the only one going for the gold. I’m looking to be pleased just as much as he is, and I take my pleasure from seeing and feeling him enjoy himself with me. For some reason though, I’ve had problems with my own enjoyment.

I took a call later in the day last week from a gentleman I’ve seen before. We haven’t seen each other for over a year, and I couldn’t recall why. I’d already had one date earlier in the day, and taking another was a rarity for me, but with my recent “depression”, I decided I needed to go for it anyway. Its not that I can’t handle multiple clients in a day, I just prefer not to.

Anyway, we met at a local bar/restaurant for a drink, and I agreed to stay for dinner. We spent about an hour sitting together, sharing drinks and food…and sooo much more. I suddenly realized why this guy and I hadn’t visited more often: over-share. Not only was he telling me about how things had been going since we’d last met, but he launched into so much detail about everything that had happened over the last year that I began to think this was an inventory of his life. I’m not exaggerating. Really. When I asked how his family was, I expected an “oh, they’re great, the kids are growing” or a quick “same shit, different day”…you get the idea. What I did not expect was a detailed run-down of every milestone that had occurred with each of his four kids. When I tried to change the subject, he kept bringing it back around to what he wanted me to know about his family. Was he cock clocking himself?

After 40 minutes, he finally stopped talking about himself long enough for me to suggest that we head over to his room. In situations like this, I try to get things moving to avoid another ramble. In this case, no such luck. He’s unhooking my bra while recounting every last detail of taking his son to the Irish parade the month before. I’m telling you, I could not make this stuff up. An hour into the festivities, I realize its not going to happen for me. I’m reminded of how he’s “that guy”. You know, the one who wants her to enjoy things just as much as he does? Yeah.

Remind you, I’m not a good liar. I don’t like to fake it because its not gonna be believable. Motor mouth begins to talk dirty in an effort to get me to cross the goal line. He’s not just trying to paint a vivid picture for me…oooooh no. This guy is workin’. Hard. Sweating, gasping, grunting. The result? Nada. Ain’t gonna happen. I can’t take watching him try to force it, so after his third time begging to G_d…I tell him. He doesn’t believe me. Really? He thinks I just need to “concentrate”. If I have to concentrate on cumming, its just not working out.

I help him get cleaned up and realize he wants to talk about it. That’s what worked for he and “the Mrs.” Um, what? This cannot be happening. The more he “communciated”, the more my vagina shriveled up further inside me. I swear it started to disintegrate. I could not believe this. Was motor mouth’s talking keeping me from enjoying my usual sexual prowess? I can’t say that I’ve ever had a man talk me out of an orgasm before. Obviously, the more mundane conversation you impose on your fantasy woman, the less “heated” things get. Wanna cool down a lady who’s intent on jumping your bones? Talk about your home life non-stop, and then try applying what you learned with your marriage counselor to the way you communicate with your hooker. Sheesh!

The moral of the story? Leave home at home and don’t cock block yourself out of a good time.Not only do I feel like I can’t see this guy anymore, but his overshare makes me feel like I know too much. Ugh.

Pro-Tip #287: Don’t think your ‘money talks’ for you

April 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

Recognize an important principle: “Cheap can be way more expensive.” Choosing something based on its initial appearance of affordability may cost you more in the long run. See something you feel that you just can’t pass up because the rate is soooo low? Great. But before you pounce, consider that everyone dealing with companions has reason to know that you get what you pay for. You know when you’re being scammed when it comes to electronics, concert tickets, even cars! It may be time to use your big head to make all your decisions, huh? You should never expect to exchange pennies for treasure.

Also consider that just because you can afford the ticket doesn’t entitle you to a ride. When “shopping” for a companion, you’re obviously looking for certain things. Conversely, there are also things you won’t tolerate, yes? Well the same holds true for us. You can have all the money your fat little pocket can hold, but for some of us, the money isn’t always the deciding factor. And it won’t facilitate and excuse for whatever you decide to throw out there. Sure, we do what we do and yes, we get paid for it. But that doesn’t mean every escort in the world is starving, and it sure doesn’t mean she’ll put up with any manner of behavior, snide remark, or refusal to follow directions from you for a buck. When sidling up to request a little TLC, consider your delivery before scoffing at a negative reply you’ve received. Sure, money talks, and it can talk you right out of a perfectly enjoyable evening.

Pro-Tip #573: Think Before You Speak

April 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ever send out an inquiry to a lady you’ve never seen before only to have your message ignored? Have you wasted your time finding out how to contact someone and then never received a response? There’s likely a reason for that. Rarely is an escort ignoring your message. Its how we make our money for Pete’s sake! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received emails from people saying “I sent you a message the other day and you never replied. You must not want to make any money.” Yes, Einstein. That’s exactly the case. I’m too busy sitting on mountains of 100 dollar bills over here to take your call. Let’s be serious. What might cause someone to ignore your request?

Here’s a thought… Watch your words when deciding on who to see and making an initial inquiry. Think about what you’re saying, and who you’re saying it to, before you say it. This is definitely something the average person should employ all the time, but it tends to be a little more of a sensitive area when selecting a companion.

For instance, any message that starts out using the words “how much for”, “do you do XYZ”, or “what do I get for $”. Mentioning any of these things indicates one of the following: (1) that you cannot possibly be serious and have, therefore wasted her time, (2) you have not done your research by reading the information she posted for your benefit, and are, therefore, wasting her time, or (3) that you have very little experience in dealing with professional companions, and are not willing to abide the often-spoken guidelines that the rest of us use to keep ourselves safe. Either way, you’re done before you start. So do yourself and your targets a favor…think before you speak.

Pro-tip # 321: You CAN Always Get What You Want!

April 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Boys….we, as companions, want you to enjoy spending time with us and to enjoy every treat private companionship has to offer. How can you ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of your efforts? Simple….Do your research! I say “your” research because what you seek is for your benefit. Check out more than just a lady’s photos before you randomly call her or email to schedule. Know what you’re getting. If she’s been diligent enough to take the time to tell people about herself on her website, take the time to read it. A good companion will do her part to find out what you are like and what you may expect. Do yourself a favor and do the same with regard to her.

See what kind of personality she has, and make an educated decision as to weather the two of you will get on well. Check out her reviews if she allows them. There is nothing worse than booking a session with a client, visiting with him, and then having him write a review or post on a message board about how the lady wasn’t what he’d been looking for. If she doesn’t provide the services you wanted, is that because she doesn’t do them at all? Her reviews would have told you that. If reviews reflected one thing, and then what you received was totally another…then that is a reason to post a negative review. So before you begin to write about your last experience, thing for a moment about why it may have gone the way it did before you start typing.

Pro-tip #463: Decorum and discretion always count.

March 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

More and more often I’ve noticed a decline in the attention people pay to details within the hobby. Clients and escorts alike have become more and more lax with holding up their end of the discretionary bargain. Escorts start to let screening and references fall by the way-side. Clients talk too much about what goes on during the brief interlude they share with each new lady.

Levels of self disclosure also change as things progress. The more often you see a client, the more you begin to see or feel a connection between the two of you…you become friends. Whether she’s your “ATF” or a first time liaison, discretion is always a must. You may get to know one another over time, hell…you may even become friendly. But regardless of how “close” you think you are, personal information about someone else should remain exactly that, personal. Disclosing information about a provider to others (publicly or privately) is definitely the best way to go from “Regular” to “DNS”.

Recently, a client I’ve seen for quite a while decided that it would be a good idea to talk candidly in a review of one of our sessions. While he may have thought that his writings gave and impression of trust and closeness, what it actually did is put my private business out there in the street. It also made him look like someone who just lost all discretion and decorum after a while. Not cool. However, I don’t blame him…I blame myself. Had I stuck to the ever-present “Code of the Working Girl”, I never would have disclosed anything about my RL to begin with, right? Had I not begun to let him see a little of “me” when he booked “Nina”, I wouldn’t be in this predicament. Sure, he never should have opened his mouth to begin with, but we all know what happens… “when erections attack”.

Moral of the story? Keep your trap shut. BOTH of you! What a shame to lose an otherwise respectable client to the garbage disposal that is…the “DNS List”. Ah, well. Just another reason why my life is like a bowl full of cherries.